• Greta Van Susteren Loves Sarah Palin Almost as Much as ABC News Hates Women

    If we have learned one thing from the recent election cycle, it is that America hates women. If you don't believe me, consider these examples of rampant misogyny within our nation…

    * November 2006: 41% of Alaska votes against women for Governor.

    * August 2008: A bipartisan Alaska legislative council investigates whether women fired Public Safety Commisioner Walt Monegan to settle a personal score.

    * September 2008: Barack Obama calls women a pig.

    * September 2008: Katie Couric humiliates women on national TV with questions about Russia and newspapers.

    * November 4, 2008: 53% of the nation rejects women for higher office by voting for Barack Obama.

    Well there's more bad news for women. Someone hates them even more than America: ABC News.

    That's what Fox's Greta Van Susteren discovered during a recent viewing of ABC's This Week (don't tell Roger Ailes) which featured– gasp!– zero references to Sarah Palin

    I just watched ABC's show This Week and the guest is California Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger… he was just asked about the Republican Party's FUTURE and the Republican Governor's Association meeting this past week in Miami. ABC News then ran tape of Gov Pawlenty, Gov Jindal, Gov Barbour and Gov Crist. Who was invisible? Gov Palin… the woman Governor of the biggest state and recently on the ticket.

    Greta goes on — with grammar and syntax that aren't exactly helpful to the women's movement– at one point imploring her readers to "not read this blog as a pro-Palin blog entry but do read this as a pro-women blog entry."

    That isn't to say you can't find pro-Palin blog entries out there. In fact, here's one from Greta herself.

    And if you're more the TV type, you can always opt for her multi-part puff piece interview with the Governor, airing in a constant loop on Fox.

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