• Sarah Palin to Earn $7 Million for Ghostwritten Book

    So she didn't get to "get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes," and she didn't get to pay any diplomatic visits to our NAFTA trading partners, England and Guam.

    At least she gets to go home with the lovely consolation prize of a $7 million book deal

    After she spent the last few weeks talking to just about any camera put in front of her, it should come as no surprise that former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is moving closer to inking a book deal.

    Just how much could the Alaska governor make from putting pen to paper? About $7 million, according to some estimates.

    Sound like a lot? Not necessarily, says one literary insider.

    "Bill Clinton made more than $10 million when he signed his deal in 2001 and that was the most for a former president," says the source. "Sarah brings something different to the table — there is so much curiosity surrounding her and her life. If they move fast and get this thing on shelves, then a $7 million advance could be worth it."

    Right. Bill Clinton was the incredibly influential two-term leader of the free world. And Palin was… a national disgrace. That's about 7/10 as good.

    The inevitable speculation is now arising about who will ghostwrite the book for Palin. It will take a skilled writer to capture her unique voice but not simply devolve into incoherent baby babble.

    In the meantime, Palin can put down a deposit on a helicopter and some high-powered rifles.

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