• 2012 Draft Sarah Palin Committee Off to a Roaring, Losing Start

    You want Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012? Well, do ya, moose-punks? Then you'd better ride your cyber snow machines over to the website of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee right quick.

    There are so many highlights, I hardly know where to start…

    * There's a link to a Yahoo! group that originates, suspiciously, in Canada. Maybe the Alaskans bought part of it when we weren't looking?

    * Also, too, there's a list of ways you can promote the Draft Sarah Committee in your everyday life, even if you are not a plumber or a builder. For example, you can "bookmark this website," so your Netscape Browser knows exactly how much you love shooting wolves from helicopters. Then you can purchase a mug, because there's "nothing like sharing a cup of coffee with your co-workers, drinking out of a "Vote Sarah" mug." (This last part is actually true. Guys, I know what you're getting for Christmas.)

    * And finally, there is a Real American Straw Poll, in which voting has already begun for the next presidential election. Over 33,400 people have voted on a hypothetical matchup between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, and according to the latest results, 98% of them say Barack Obama will win.

    Well then. Draft Sarah Palin for 2012!

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