• Al Qaeda Maybe Not as Enlightened and Tolerant as Previously Assumed

    After so recently witnessing such a momentous sea change in the emerging post-racial world, it really sucks to learn something like this

    Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader used a racial epithet to insult Barack Obama in a message posted Wednesday, describing the president-elect in demeaning terms that imply he does the bidding of whites…

    In al-Qaida's first response to Obama's victory, [Ayman] al-Zawahri also called the president-elect — along with secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice — "house negroes."

    This is very disappointing. Very, very disappointing. I was really hoping that our international terrorists had turned a corner as far as race relations were concerned.

    After years and years of targeting specific ethnic and religious groups, such as Israeli Jews, Hindi Indians and Muslim each others, it seemed that on September 11th, 2001, they'd made a huge leap forward in their shameful ideology by wantonly and mercilessly killing thousands of innocent people in the World Trade Center without regard for race, creed or nationality.

    That's why al-Zawahri's recent remarks about Obama, Rice and Powell come as such a blow. Where are the enlightened religious fundamentalist mass-murderers we thought we knew?

    This all just goes to show that now, more than ever, we need Change in our al-Qaeda leadership. That's why I'm endorsing Malasian terrorist Mohamad Farik Amin as the next leader of the world's most prominent hate organization. Under Amin's watch, can we — all of us: white, black, Asian, arab, Jew and Muslim — cower under the fear that we will meet some random and undeserved death? Yes, we can!

    Remember: We are the people we've been waiting to kill!

    Let's go change the world.

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