• McCain Running for Senate Re-Election? Indecision 2008 Keeps It Classy

    CNN's always-informative "Political Ticker"' has learned that Senator McCain met with top advisors last night to set up political action committees.  According to one aide, the move signals McCain's intent to run for Senate re-election in 2010.

    It occurs to me that if reelected John McCain would be 80 years old at the completion of his next Senate term.  Sure I could make a bunch of "John McCain is so old jokes," but I think you expect more from Indecision 2008.

    No one's going to laugh if i say the committees' first order of business is to keep kids off McCain's lawn or replace his insides with an adamantium skeleton and motorized organs.  And it would just be juvenile to suggest that the committees are working on a new campaign slogan like "John McCain is Dead … Dead Right on the Issues!"

    No, you, the discerning Indecision reader, expect more.  And good for you.  You totally should. There's nothing funny about insensitive bloggers joking that a senile John McCain is intending to promise voters "A Penny Whistle in Every Edsel."

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