• America the Beautiful, in Three-Body Part Harmony

    Earlier this week — while promoting my new book, Man vs. Weather — I got to be on the Joey Reynolds's radio show, alongside Jackie Martling (who just recently returned from entertaining U.S. troops in Iraq) and Amy G, an attractive, very funny woman with a ukulele (along with her bass player, Jon Keay). At one point, Les Paul — the inventor of modern guitar techniques — called in to settle a bet between Joey and Jackie.

    This was all happening between the hours of 2 and 3 a.m., a time at which I'm not used to being both awake and sober. (One or the other usually has to go.) So, the whole thing was more than a bit disconcerting and surreal.

    Anyway, I'd heard of everybody else before that night, but not Amy. And I was impressed by the songs she performed. (I'm, for some reason, partial to ukuleles, accordions and claviolas.) So, I went to her website and discovered this footage of Amy employing her diplomacy skills abroad…

    Sometimes you forget just how much you love this country until you see a thing like that. Really, it brings a tear to my eye.

    If you're in the New York Area, and into things like ukuleles, former professional clowns, people falling down on roller skates, and women who talk trashy, you might be interested in see Amy G perform this Friday the 21st at Joe's Pub.



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