• Australia Knows How to Ruin Absolutely Everything

    Here's two words that are virtually impossible to make non-awesome: "Sex" and "Party." Can't be ruined, right?

    Well, what if I added the words "to Be Australia's Newest Political Party"?

    Ugh! Did you just get chills, too? This is no good for sex or politics. Or humanity…

    The party — launched Thursday at Sexpo, an annual sex exhibition in Melbourne — has already gathered the required 500 members and plans to register with the electoral commission next week.

    While most of its members are drawn from Eros — Australia's national adult industry association— the Sex Party believes it can attract a broader base.

    Oh, yeah, a very broad base, I'm sure.

    I'm fairly positive that base could easily include: old people, fat people, ugly people, bald people, weird new age-y people, creepy people, sad people, overly-friendly people, and Paul Hogan.

    Their filibustering techniques would be interesting, though.

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