• Sarah Palin Correctly Predicts That She Will Be Criticized for This Interview

    I'm beginning to wonder if Sarah Palin maybe isn't really a politician after all. If maybe she's actually the most brilliant meta-comedian since Andy Kaufman, and we're all idiots who fell for her brilliant joke.

    Here she is going on and on about… something. I actually have no idea what she's going on and on about.

    Because there's a fucking turkey being slaughtered fifteen feet behind her shoulder!

    Is she that mesmerized by any human being holding a camera and a microphone that she's compelled to stop whatever she's doing, wherever she's doing it, to satisfy her jones to blah blah blah about Joe Sixpackery and Hockey Momishness with complete disregard to all of her surroundings?

    Would that many valuable seconds of screentime have been wasted in the effort of moving five feet to her right so that the entire country wouldn't have to watch its holiday dinner spew blood from its freshly severed neck into a giant trough of gore?

    Well, maybe, yeah.

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