• Minnesota Board Votes Against Al Franken, In Favor of More of That Delicious Stuffing Please

    I think I know what embattled Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman will be listing as a blessing around the Thanksgiving table tomorrow afternoon…

    Minnesota's Canvassing Board voted unanimously to reject Franken's request to include thousands of absentee ballots that are not included in the recount in the Minnesota senate race between the Democratic challenger and Republican incumbent Norm Coleman.

    Aha! So the Republicans were right. Franken's claim that the 12,000 absentee rejected ballots needed to be counted was without merit…

    The Canvassing Board, which oversees the recount, stressed during a hearing today, that they weren't rejecting the merits made by Franken's attorneys.

    So, wait a minute. Franken's argument does have merit? But they're throwing them out anyway? What's going on here?

    The panel also indicated that the fight over the exclusion of the absentee ballots from the recount will most likely land in court.

    Oh, I see. The Canvassing Board wanted to start their holiday weekend early. I can understand that. 'Cause, you know, nothing slows down the digestion of fistfuls of food in your stomach more so than a lingering democratic quandary.

    Best to just kick that on to someone else. They can handle it after everyone takes a nap.

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