• Ed Rendell Says Janet Napolitano Has No Life, Just Like Ed Rendell

    Barack Obama's new Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano is a pretty smart lady: current governor of Arizona, former U.S. attorney and state Attorney General. Clearly, she is well-prepared to take a top cabinet position, on account of not being married!

    At least, that's what Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said the other day, speaking near a microphone he assumed was off.

    Hint to politicians: the microphone is always, always on…

    "Janet's perfect for that job," Rendell is heard to say. "Because for that job, you have to have no life. Janet has no family. Perfect. She can devote, literally, 19, 20 hours a day to it."

    Now Ed Rendell is under fire for being jerky, and sexist, because "has no family" is code for "unmarried" (and as every single lady knows, your relatives get revoked if you don't put a ring on it by age 35).

    Chuck Ardo, spokesman for Rendell, denied the remarks were sexist, saying the governor takes Napolitano's qualifications "for granted."

    "His comments simply referred to the demands of the new position that she is going to take," Ardo said around noon. "He believes that public servants at that level of government have no lives, including himself."

    Ed Rendell, for whatever it's worth, is married with one son. His wife, Marjorie O. Rendell, is a judge on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, chair of a U.S. Judicial Conference Committee and an elected member of the American Law Institute.

    I guess we can assume she has no life either, in that she is married to Ed Rendell.

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