• Pelosi Wants Voltron for Car Czar?

    No wait, that's Volcker, as in Paul Volcker, who was Fed Chairman under Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and, if I'm reading this right, is unfortunately not a giant amalgam of robotic cats.

    In the interview taped on Monday, Pelosi said the "car czar," who will chair a board charged with making sure the automakers retool, should be proactive rather than simply overseeing the bailout plan.

    "I would want the czar to be appointed before one dollar was spent … so theoretically this week," she said.

    "I think somebody like Paul Volcker, who has bipartisan confidence and the public and private confidence," the Democratic leader said, when asked who she had in mind for the post.

    I guess it was kind of stupid of me to think Voltron might be the pick. Optimus Prime makes way more sense.

    Meanwhile, I think the octegenarian Volcker is a smart choice. Who can better understand the importance of saving the auto industry than someone who remembers how much it sucked before we had one?

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