• Daschle Apparently Wasn't Already Announced as HHS Secretary

    I was talking to my friend who lives under a rock yesterday, and I asked him if he knew who was going to be Barack Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services. He said, "Tom Daschle, duh."

    Yet, this morning the President-elect still felt it necessary to call his 583rd press conference since being elected in order to officially announce what we've all known for like a month.

    The former Senate majority leader will also lead a new White House office of health reform, Obama said today. He also announced that Jeanne Lambrew, a HHS official under President Bill Clinton who helped co-write a health care book with Daschle, has been tapped to be deputy director of that office.

    Although the Daschle pick has been known for weeks, Obama called him "one of America's foremost health care experts" and "the original no-drama guy" while discussing the future of the health care system today in Chicago.

    I'll bet Monday, Obama will call a press conference to formally announce he's running for President. And then the next day he can officially announce our independence from England. And then maybe he'll close out the week by announcing the explosion of the primordial atom.

    Actually, that last one might actually be news to some people in Washington.

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