• You've Got to Be F**king Kidding Me

    The Chicago Tribune has an article this morning about people who are outraged about what Rod Blagojevich did. That doesn't seem like anything shocking, right? Who's not outraged about Rod Blagojevich? Except they're angry about the Governor's potty-mouth.

    "You expect more from a governor," said Barbara Pachter, an expert on business etiquette. "You don't always get it, but you expect more. This is just lousy behavior. We don't want our governors to be drunken sailors."

    Preach on, sister. Why can't we get back to the days when politicians committed despicable crimes using language suitable for children?

    Have we really fallen so far since the Teapot Dome scandal? Now that was a nice, clean unconscionable violation of the public trust the whole family could enjoy.

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