• YOU DECIDE The Indecision 2008 Awards for Indecision 2008, Brought to You by Indecision 2008: The Best Political Faux Pas

    Last week, we asked you to nominate the great politicians of 2008 for the honored Best Political Faux Pas of 2008 award. And you came out in great numbers to do so.

    Here are your nominees…

    * John Edwards for getting busted porking some floosy by the National Enquirer. (Cube)

    * Sarah Palin for thinking Africa was a country and deducing the proximity of Russia to Alaska equates to foreign policy experience. Really that's two fuck-ups. Actually, all of her interviews. (Cube)

    * Joe Biden for guaranteeing a manufactured crisis testing Obama's mettle within his first six months in office. (Cube)

    * Eliot Spitzer for nailing a hot call girl and not defending himself. (Cube)

    * Fred Thompson for coughing and sleeping instead of campaigning. (Cube)

    * Barack Obama for his choice for the faux Parthenon at the Democratic National Convention. (Cube)

    * Elizabeth Dole for stating that her opponent didn't believe in God when she was in fact a Sunday School teacher. (Bob, I mean Cube)

    (Jeeze, I wonder which nominator is gonna win this one.)

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