• Larry Craig's Bathroom Being Flushed Down the Memory Hole

    In a sure sign of the moral decay of today's youth, one of the great monument to American politics is ceasing to be fully appreciated by today's tourists.

    I speak, of course, of the Larry Craig bathroom

    The men's room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport where Republican Sen. Larry Craig was arrested in a sex sting is losing it appeal as a tourist stop, an official said.

    "We're getting there," said Patrick Hogan, director of public affairs for the Metropolitan Airports Commission. "I think we'll all be glad when there's no special interest in that restroom."

    This is just sad, sad, sad.

    Speaking as someone who made the pilgrimage to that holy site, I can tell you, the newer generations will be culturally impoverished without the light from this bright beakon.

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