• Barack Obama Names Some Guy Head of CIA

    Barack Obama has a new choice for Director of Central Intelligence, and it's somebody you never would have thought of.

    Most likely because it's someone you never ever think of ever…

    President-elect Barack Obama has selected Leon E. Panetta, the former congressman and White House chief of staff, to take over the Central Intelligence Agency, an organization that Mr. Obama criticized during the campaign for using interrogation methods he decried as torture, Democratic officials said Monday.

    Oh, so first Obama criticized the organization and now he's appointing people to direct it. Typical political posturing.

    Mr. Panetta has a reputation in Washington as a competent manager with strong background in budget issues, but has little hands-on intelligence experience

    Aides have said Mr. Obama had originally hoped to select a C.I.A. head with extensive field experience, especially in combating terrorist networks.

    Unfortunately, it's probably pretty difficult task to find anybody with any decent amount of CIA experience and no record of performing or supporting torture.

    They don't exist.

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