• Laura Bush to Write Tell-Some Memoir

    Coming just in time for the 2010 reading season, it's the true story of a Texas librarian who married a rich, entitled drunk and followed him as he stumbled across the country to the highest office in the land, trampling various founding documents and leaving great steaming piles of failure in his wake.

    If I were a bookstore clerk, I might file Laura Bush's forthcoming memoir under Romance/Horror…

    The first lady plans to write about her experiences in the White House and Texas governor's mansion, and to touch on universally relevant themes like having a strong-willed mother-in-law, dealing with loss and raising children.

    First ladies — they're just like us! Except their husbands have the remote and the nuclear codes.

    More specifically, she plans to describe what it's like to have issues you're passionate about described in the press as "pet projects," what's it's like for your husband to be criticized, getting over the reluctance to speak publicly, and dealing with the world's biggest spotlight.

    Okay, all kidding aside, I've got nothing but respect for Laura Bush's efforts to improve global literacy. And you have to admit, George W. Bush has never called his wife's literacy work a "pet project."

    He eliminated funding for America's largest children's literacy program, yes, but he never said it was anybody's pet project.

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