• Laura Bush's Memoir to Be Almost as Exciting as You're Expecting

    Earlier today, Mary got us all excited about the current/soon-to-be-ex First Lady's upcoming memoir.

    What are her thoughts on the Bush Doctrine? Does she know what the Bush Doctrine is? Will it be as thought-provoking as Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto? How much cilantro does she really put in her Chilled Avocado Soup?

    Well, since Ms. Bush and her publisher aren't really being too forthright on what we can expect from her much-anticipated memoir, why don't we check with her not-publishers

    The reception to Mrs. Bush's pitch has been mixed so far. "She was not forthcoming about anything that I would consider controversial," the publisher who met with her said. "We questioned her rigorously, but it was one-word answers. I considered it the worst, or the most frustrating, meeting of its sort that I've ever had." He added, "But she really couldn't have been nicer." He said that his company would not be making an offer on the book, which was expected to sell for a couple of million dollars…

    Another publishing executive said that some of the editors who met Mrs. Bush were hoping to find "that she's a closet Democrat, like in the Curtis Sittenfeld novel." (Sittenfeld's novel "American Wife," which was purported to be inspired by Mrs. Bush's life, portrayed the First Lady as passionately pro-choice and periodically agonizing over her husband's hawkishness.) When the publisher who went to the White House was asked what impression of Mrs. Bush's politics he came away with, he sighed and said, "You got the sense she's just like him."

    Hey! That's no way to talk about a First Lady!

    Even Curtis Sittenfeld, who spent months researching Mrs. Bush's life story, is conflicted about the hypothetical memoir. "Do you remember after Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston separated…"

    No. But, I'm listening…

    "…it was more interesting to wonder what Aniston thought than to find out what she thinks?" Sittenfeld said over the phone last week. "Sometimes when people share their thoughts it's sort of disappointing."

    I can't wait for this book-like thing to come out! I'm soooo looking forward to reading a 200-300 word synopsis of it in somebody's review that I skim through.

    That is the stuff of magic.

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