• Harry Reid Is Not the President's Bitch… Anymore… Supposedly

    In case you're afraid that, with the Democrats in control of the White House and both houses of Congress, things might get a little echo-chamberish, have no fear.

    The Senate Majority Leader wants Barack Obama, you and everybody else to know: Harry Reid is his own man

    Reid stated, "I don't believe in the executive power trumping everything… I believe in our Constitution, three separate but equal branches of government."

    "If Obama steps over the bounds, I will tell him. … I do not work for Barack Obama. I work with him," he said.

    That is really, really refreshing to hear from the Senate Majority Leader.

    After all these years of watching Reid working as the Republican president's stock boy, it's a welcome change to see him grow a pair in time for a Democratic president to take office.

    With Democrats, I guess he just works for presidents-elect.

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