• Jeb Bush Smart Enough to Not Seek Senate Seat in Florida

    It's interesting to imagine what the world would be like today if, in 1994, Jeb Bush — whose brain is speculated to function about as well as his father's and who is widely believed to mostly believe that science is a thing that exists in the world — had been successfully elected as the governor of Florida.

    It very likely would have been him, instead of his older brother George, who would have run for president in 2001, and it seems unlikely that he would have made nearly the same decisions had he been elected. Nor that he would have steered his party down quite the same path of bipartisan implosion.

    Now, a lot of people in the GOP — uneasy with the idea of getting behind a Mike Huckabee or a Sarah Palin in 2012 — are hoping for a do-over. And the best way to facilitate that would be to seat the elder Bush brother in a prominent role, such as in the Senate in 2010.

    But that just ain't gonna happen

    Former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida said Tuesday that he would not run in 2010 for the Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez, ending speculation about whether he could renew the Bush brand from Congress.

    The decision, less than a month after Mr. Martinez, a Republican, announced his plan to retire, surprised some supporters. Local fund-raisers; Mr. Bush’s brother President Bush; and his father, former President George Bush, all encouraged him to enter the race, predicting he would re-energize the Republican Party. But in a statement, Mr. Bush said they would have to wait.

    "While the opportunity to serve my state and country during these turbulent and dynamic times is compelling,” he said, “now is not the right time to return to elected office."

    No, now is probably not the right time to parade the ol' Bush brand around the American electorate. They really give people a sufficient amount of time to forget the disasters wrought upon them by the last Bush presidency.

    And, in the meantime, Jeb can start preparing for when the time is right.

    I'd suggest he look into this cryogenic freezing agency. I've heard good things.

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