• President Bush Hails Success of "No Child Left Behind" Since Nobody Else Will Apparently

    George Bush is finally getting the respect he so richly deserves for implementing his not-at-all-severely-flawed "No Child Left Behind" educational program. And from the President of the United States no less.

    Very impressive!

    President George W. Bush will tout the successes of his No Child Left Behind education reform and challenge Democrats not to weaken it, in one of his final speeches recapping his White House record…

    Mr. Bush consistently cites the No Child Left Behind law as one of his biggest domestic accomplishments. But even this part of his legacy is under threat. Many Democrats have complained that the law is too rigid and punitive, and also hasn't been funded adequately. Even some Republicans have turned away from the law, viewing it as federal meddling in a matter that's best left up to local communities…

    In his speech, he's expected to note that test scores have been rising around the country in recent years, while the achievement gap between white and minority students is closing, a senior administration official said. He'll "cite examples of various schools he's visited and people he's met, and how the law has made a difference at those schools and in the lives of those teachers and children," the official said.

    And he'll conclude the whole thing by thanking himself, shaking his hand firmly, and then presenting himself with some kind of metal or mettle or medal or something. Something nice and shiny.

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