• Rod Blagojevich Handed a Nice, Juicy Impeachment

    The Illinois State Senate today voted on whether or not they should impeach Governor Rod Blagojevich for abuse of gubernatorial power and being a total idiot. And, lemme tell ya, the final tally was waaaaaay more narrow than anybody ever would have guessed…

    Impeachment required just 60 votes. The final result was 114-1.

    Holy shit! That's a mere 54 more votes than they needed. Talk about a nail-biter.

    That's not surprising when you realize just how much support in favor of Blagojevich there was in the Illinois Senate…

    During the House's 90-minute debate on impeachment, no one spoke up to defend the governor. But Rep. Milton Patterson, a Chicago Democrat, made the sole vote against impeaching Blagojevich.

    Patterson said he read the impeachment committee's report and wasn't comfortable voting against the governor. "I have no firsthand knowledge of any of the evidence," he said.

    "No firsthand knowledge," eh? He's apparently the only guy who wasn't offered a chance to bid on Obama's empty U.S. Senate seat. You'd think he'd be a little more bitter about that.

    The state senate will now set up a trial to determine whether or not the governor should be actually thrown out of his governor's chair.

    But, ya know, with that tiny margin in the initial vote, I can't see how this could possibly go badly for Blagojevich.

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