• Hurricane Relief is Like Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades

    Somebody get George Bush a bucket.

    He's gonna need it after all the spinning he's been doing lately

    By the way, we have had, that I know of, sitting right here, eight hurricanes, major hurricanes, and seven and a half were dealt with the way everybody expected them to be dealt with. The Mississippi part of Katrina was dealt with well, even though it was a really horrible hurricane…

    My brother was governor of Florida, and seven major hurricanes hit there. And the response was always pretty good. It's the response out of New Orleans and Louisiana which was not as good as we would have liked.

    So, there you go. His record's not really all that bad. After all, he only presided over the destruction of one major American city. You know how many cities there are in the country? A lot! And only one was demolished due to an inept federal response.

    And, really, he only allowed two Twin Towers to tumble into nothingness in part because of a complete disinterest in paying attention to urgent intelligence reports. And he only conceived of and jumpstarted one illegal war. And he only completely disregarded one Constitution of the United States.

    In eight years? That's a pretty good record, if you ask me.

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