• George Bush Will Be Greeted as a Caffeinator

    President-for-now George W. Bush and First Lady-for-now Laura Bush just stepped off of Marine One (what they call that presidential helicopter-thing) for the very last time, after returning from Camp David.

    The guy on MSNBC noted that Bush seems like he just can't wait to duck behind history's cover and just live life like an ordinary, everyday multi-millionaire, and brought up this bit from his last press conference…

    Asked how he would spend his retirement, he said the day after the inauguration he would get up and make a cup of coffee for Laura at their ranch in Crawford, Texas. He admitted he would find it difficult…

    Yeah. Making and serving coffee is tough, man! I'd be nervous if I were him. God knows what kind of intractable kitchen endeavors he's liable to get the two of them into.

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