• Live From D.C.: Twitter Updates From The Onion's Baratunde Thurston

    Comedian and vigilante pundit Baratunde Thurston is our Twitter correspondent in DC on Inauguration Day. Baratunde is co-founder of Jack and Jill Politics blog and web and politics editor for The Onion.

    4:46 - Anyone know if the youth ball has food ?

    4:15Had to leave white house bleachers. Obama owes me a parade.

    4:04 - Someone tell me how close obama is? We just were attacked by exhaust from 50 police motorcycles.

    3:56 - Crowd cheering john kerry. Not sure why. He lost.

    3:43O-BAM-AAH! Energy stick. Really.

    3:41Please don't stop the music… music…

    3:38Announcer @ white house trying 2 start wave in bleachers. Someone tell him waves happens from bottom up

    3:36Just saw sec'y designate of education arnie duncan. Yelled at him to "do good!" And he didn't correct my grammar.

    3:33Did not occur to me that parade delay was due to ill senators. My brain is suffering from frostbite.

    3:23 - Waiting for this parade to start. Metaphor for how slow change will come to america?

    3:07 – Via TheOnion: Obama Inauguration Speech Ruined By Incessant Jackhammering

    2:25 – I get u access. This is erica alexander, the poet right outside white house.

    2:22 - Wow I just got in front of white house.

    1:50 -  Polar bears giving out calendars but for what? Doomsday?

    1:35Via TheOnion: Hillary Clinton Mouthing Along To Presidential Oath

    1:34Here's an economic stimulus idea: get someone to clean up these trashed streets

    12:39 - actually america, its time to party!

    12:35 - Wow lowry recites from the black national anthem

    12:10 - FUCK YES!!

    12:05 – It's noon. < / bush > < obama >

    11:59 – "I have nothing snarky to say about rick warren. That was beautifu."

    11:49 – "Diane Feinstein is lip syncing!"

    11:45 – "Chairman of the joint congressional committee on inaugurations was just introduced. THAT'S MY DAWG!"

    11:31- "I have a copy of obama's speech!"

    "Cheney is in a wheelchair??? HAAAAA HAHAHAHA. THANK YOU BABY JESUS!"

    "Crowd on the mall boos Lieberman."

    "Wow ted kennedy looks great! Wait, or is that barbara bush?"

    "Got rejected from checkpoint cuz "bag is too big." I told them that was no bag. I was just happy to see them."

    " Looking south on 18th st at I. Oh my god."

    "cynical bbc caller said america is most racist nation in the world. I told him that's MY most racist nation he's talking about."

    "No matter how many times I told them to behead their queen, those brits refuse to understand democracy."

    "I could totally bring down the bbc right now if I just pushed all the buttons."

    "Arrived at bbc radio studios. Gonna teach those brits about democracy"

    "never seen so many black folk up so early. I've discovered a cure for CP time: elect a black president!"

    "Overheard: I can't wait to tell my grandkids about this."

    "ok. i'm off to see the wizard."

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