• Liveblog: Indecision Covers The Daily Show Covering the News Covering the Inauguration

    That was a great episode of The Daily Show. The Colbert Report is kicking ass too, but I'm off for the night. You guy's will have to watch this awesomeness without me, I guess. You think you can handle it?

    What a night, right? What a day! I'm so glad Obama is our president. I'm so glad Bush isn't our president. I'm so glad I got to spend tonight with you instead of drinking my ass off celebrating our awesome new prez.


    11:30 – Come on, just curse Jon! We don't mind.

    Also, seeing Bush leave in the moment of zen, "fuck yeah!"

    11:29 – The idea of having a gay president one day seems so remote, but really just thinking about our first black president… why not? I mean, if one group of Americans can go from being unfairly discriminated against to holding the highest office in the land, why not a gay president?

    Let's just hope it doesn't take another 200 years for us to finally put our petty hate behind us. Let's shoot for just 100 years this time, guys.

    11:25 – Because I mentioned Stewart's Bush impression, I wanted to link to this collection of Jon's Dubya Impressions from the past 8 years.

    11:18 – You know what I was thinking about earlier? Obama and Michelle are totally gonna do it tonight. After the balls they are gonna be balling. I'll tell you what.

    11:15 – "They couldn't even get Hootie." Awesome. "They stick it to the cool guys by outlawing pot." Awesomer. I love Wyatt Cenac.

    11:13 – Those were some nice swipes at Obama. I thought all good satire was dead now that Obama was president.

    11:10" Yello" is already plenty "mello" in my opinion. That's the worst joke I will make tonight. I swear.

    11:08 – Is this one of the last time's we'll see Stewart's Bush impression?

    Jon Stewart's Bush Impression (2001-2009). Never forget. Always remember.

    11:05 – Dick Cheney reminds me of Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.

    Also, about Aretha's hat… "less fortunate?" I love The Daily Show, but I love Aretha's hat so much too. Not "less fortunate." Clearly "more fortunate."

    11:02 – I never thought I'd see the day gays weren't allowed on HBO. Sex and the City wouldn't even be around if it weren't for the gays.

    11:00 – It's starting, motherfuckers!

    10:59 – I just had a thought. Only humans have elections. If we were like pigs or something, we wouldn't like vote for our pig President. And then I wouldn't be able to liveblog The Daily Show, and I wouldn't have a job. Thank God we're human.

    10:50The Daily Show is about to start in a few minutes at 11:00 pm. It's a live show tonight. I wonder what they'll talk about. Did something important happen today? Maybe Bush got another shoe thrown at him or something.

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