• LiveBlog: The Inaugural Parade of Inaugural Paradiness

    Read our LiveBlog of this morning's Inauguration Ceremony.

    5:11 – I think that's all we really need to say about the parade. That's actually much more than I thought could be said about the parade.

    4:56 – NBC just informed us that many inaugurations in the past have had snow, but this one doesn't. Maybe, they said, because of Global Warming.

    Aren't they supposed to have smart people covering these things?

    4:55 - Old friend Michael Kraskin just sent me this, and I thought it was worth sharing: "7 Negative Comments on Inauguration Day."

    4:52 – Update on Ted Kennedy from NBC. Apparently, he's doing well — "His Irish is up" — but he'll be in the hospital at least for tonight.

    4:38 – Wow. The Obamas are in their new house. That's very exciting for some reason.

    4:36 – Hey, look! It's Joe and Jill Biden. Yeah, um…

    Where's the Obama car?

    4:34 – In, out, in, out. Come on. You're driving me nuts.

    4:30 – Barack Obama just told NBC's Al Roker that "It's warm."

    Al Roker is very excited. But maybe he should've fact checked that before he reported it.

    See, the MSM's already giving Obama a free pass.

    4:29 – I think one of Obama's Secret Service men is a Vulcan. That's a good call. They're not hampered by emotion.

    4:27 – Uh oh. They're out again. Where's Squeaky Fromme?! Has anybody seen Squeaky Fromme in the city anywhere?!

    Keep an eye out for her!

    4:24 – What do you think Barack and Michelle are listening to inside that limo. If I were the president, I'd be listening to Pavement's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.

    There's no significance to that choice. I just really like that album.

    4:20 – Come on! This parade is taking forever. Somebody's gotta get that guy to the White House so he can start working on fixing this economy.

    4:11 – They're getting back in the car. Thank god!

    4:08 – They weren't supposed to get out of the car so early. This wasn't planned. Aaaaah! This is nerve-wracking.

    4:06 – Those aren't good shoes for Michelle to be walking in. She should be wearing something with less heel.

    4:05 – This is making me nervous.

    4:04 – Holy shit! Barack and Michelle are out of their car and walking up Pennsylvania Avenue. I didn't think they were gonna do that.

    4:00 – Apparently, the Obamas are protected behind five inches of glass in that limo. Big difference from the way Jimmy Carter made the trip.

    3:56 – President Obama's new car is pretty hype. But I was hoping he was gonna go with a different design.

    3:48 – From the comments: "Personally, I think it would have been sporting if the Pope had lent Obama the Popemobile for the occasion." – JuJu

    3:40 – Tom Brockaw just said that Barack Obama is "a cool dude."

    That's all I have to say about that.

    3:36 – I hope Delta House doesn't try any of their wacky shenanigans during this parade. That would be embarrassing and irreverent.

    3:32 – Man, this is a boring parade! Where are the elephants? What happened to the floats? Is somebody going to send in the clowns? And when do we get to see Santa Claus?

    3:26 – Doesn't have much pick-up, though, does it?

    3:25 – That's a pretty badass limo the Obamas are getting into right now.

    3:23 – President Obama is inspecting the troops now. They look dangerously out of date to me. Can't we get more modern uniforms and weapons for our military? Has Iraq gutted our military budget that badly?

    3:22 – Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse… The Inaugural Parade just started.

    3:21 – Update on Kennedy and Byrd.

    2:49 – Holy shit! Something's happened with million-year-old Sen. Robert Byrd at the presidential luncheon. I knew they shouldn't have served shellfish. It is an abomination before the Lord.

    Also, Ted Kennedy has apparently collapsed.

    What the hell is going on over there? We've had a Democrat in office for three hours and already everything's going to hell.

    2:48 – Barack Obama is just finishing up lunch now. Yes, even that's news today.

    2:23 – Still no parade. I thought it was supposed to start at 2 pm. Maybe it's been canceled.

    Eh, I doubt we'd be that lucky.

    1:54 - The parade should be starting any time now. I hope this is as stupid as I hope it is.

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