• Robert Byrd Fine, Ted Kennedy Recovering

    It's pretty official now that Sen. Robert Byrd had not fallen ill alongside Sen. Ted Kennedy at the presidential luncheon…

    Sen. Robert Byrd's office says that, contrary to media reports, he did not have a medical emergency. He left the congressional luncheon because he was disturbed by what happened to Ted Kennedy. Early accounts suggested that Byrd had trouble eating.

    Byrd "is currently in his own office… and is doing fine, though he remains very concerned about his close friend, Ted Kennedy," said a spokesman.

    This is really good news.

    Not only is it nice to know that Byrd is okay, but it also would have been too weird if two U.S. senators got sick during the same lunch. We'd have to fire the official food-taster.

    More good news: Ted Kennedy seems to be recovering from the seizure he had…

    A statement from the hospital where Kennedy was taken says that the senator is awake and answering questions. His son Patrick and wife Vicki are with him. President Obama has already phoned to check on his condition. Patrick Kennedy told George Stephanopoulos that his father is feeling fine.

    Kennedy was at a table with fellow Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry and others…

    The bad news?

    This will give John Kerry a lot of opportunities to speak to the press.

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