• Texas Welcomes Back George W. Bush

    The airplane they flew George W. Bush out of Washington D.C. seems to have flown him into an alternate reality. Or, as I like to call it, Texas.

    Right now, he's speaking to the kind of cheering throng of supporters that the former president can only find in a place in his home state. (The only station that's showing it is, of course, Fox News.)

    He's listing all the fantastic achievements he's achieved during his presidency, and, really, it's making me wonder if I wasn't living in a different country from him all these years.

    He did make a few good jokes. Like, when he was talking about what he plans to do in his down time, and he noted that his father is "the first skydiving former president"…

    And he's gonna keep that distinction.

    Credit where credit is due.

    Update: This short article from The Washington Times is best link I can find so far…

    Waving cardboard red, white and blue "W"s, thousands gathered in Midland's town square Tuesday to welcome former President George W. Bush and his wife to their post-presidential home in Texas.

    "It's a special day, but it's a sad day," said Dudley Winn, a cotton farmer who drove two hours from Lubbock to greet Bush on his first stop after leaving office. "He did the job we asked him to do. He kept our values safe."

    Somebody asked him to do all the stuff he did?

    Oh, well, that explains it. I thought he was just incredibly incompetent.

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