• Terrible Timothy Geithner TurboTax Joke Comes True, in Front of the Senate

    If Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner didn't wake up with a post-Inaugural party hangover, he's certainly got a headache now.

    Barack Obama's choice for Money Czar spent the morning at a hearing grilling in front of the Senate Finance Committee, which had an unending supply of tough questions, like "This bailout thing, what the hell?" and "What is up with you not paying your taxes?" and "Dude, come on, what is the deal with these banks?" and "Seriously, why are you a tax cheat?"

    I'm paraphrasing. You get the idea.

    Geithner skipped and dodged the best he could, but one shocking revelation managed to escape…

    Sen. Chuck Grassley: "Did you use tax software to prepare your taxes?"

    Geithner: "Yes, I did."

    Grassley: "Which brand of tax software?"

    Geithner: "I will answer that, but I want to say I take full responsibility. … It was TurboTax."

    Aha! Like I said, a week ago!

    No word yet, though, on whether Tim Geithner actually drinks Scotch on the rocks while he's doing his taxes.

    Or whether he'll make it a double when he blames a bad PowerPoint for the bailout failures.

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