• Inauguration Night Life: The Duds

    In the final installment of our inaugural celebrity series, we'd like to draw your attention to some of the less desirable dignitaries milling around Washington in the past few days.

    Some were recalled from office. Some were reviled by everyone in America who isn't currently listening to an audiobook of Ann Coulter's Godless (narrated by Sean Hannity) at this very moment. And some were just plain rude to us, so we're getting them back right now.

    You've probably heard of Karl Rove, or as George W. Bush calls him, "Turd Blossom." Like his right-wing compatriot Rush Limbaugh, Rove is a fat, bald, bowling pin-shaped man who gets a lot of airtime on Fox News. Although we'd like to think that Rush is better at giving "bunny ears" to liberal bloggers who pose with him at the Apple Store in Bethesda.

    Former California Governor Gray Davis holds the rare distinction of being recalled from office in favor of a steroid-popping, breast groping, Sinbad-co-starring former actor. Arnold Schwarzenegger has racked up a $40 billion budget deficit with two years left in his term, and he still has a higher approval rating than Davis did. That said, Governor Davis and his wife were very nice.

    Up until this week, we were big fans of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). When he wasn't embarrassing his neighbors with his messy lawn, he was storming through the Smithsonian, advocating for truthfulness in museum placards about George W. Bush. But our fandom meant nothing to him, as he blew past us at the GE/NBC party, despite his friendly wife wanting to chat.

    It seems that Sen. Sanders was in a rush to go stand by himself in the corner and awkwardly talk to no one. Jerk.

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