• Okay, So Why Is Caroline Kennedy Dropping Out Again?

    Jeeze, that Kennedy family! Talk about dysfunction. If they're not bootlegging, screwing movie stars, crashing vehicles or getting assassinated, then they're probably airing out weird and obscure passive aggressive family squabbles in the newspapers.

    Whatever Caroline Kennedy's reasons for removing herself from the pool of possible senators for New York (dead hobo! dead hobo! come on, dead hobo!), it's almost certainly not concern for her uncle's health

    "It looks horrible," says one former aide to Ted Kennedy. "It makes him look like he is at death's door." In fact, those close to Kennedy, 76, say that while the Senator is suffering occasional seizures, like the one that sent him to a hospital on Tuesday during the celebratory Capitol lunch for the newly inaugurated President, he is generally doing well. And they add that Kennedy is fully engaged in the effort to pass universal health-care legislation — a cause for which he has fought for decades, and one in which he will play a crucial role as chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

    "He is crazy about her. He encouraged her" in her bid for the Senate seat, one close associate says of Ted Kennedy's relationship with his niece. "But using him as an excuse, as though things were on the downward spiral, is not going to be O.K. with him … This will get in the way of health reform" — by suggesting that a key legislator involved in putting the bill together may be incapacitated.

    Oh, come on! If you can't use a family member's failing health as an excuse to get out of work, then what good is having family members at all?

    I mean, besides getting high-ranking government jobs with little or no experience to speak of.

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