• Rod Blagojevich Practically Defies Satire

    I have been staring at my computer monitor with my mouth agape for about an hour now, and I think it's time to admit the obvious: Rod Blagojevich has beat me.

    I lose. I admit it, I lose!

    But, really, what chance did I have? How am I supposed to respond to this much crazy all at once? Seriously, what's my angle supposed to be?

    Is the angle that Blagojevich is spending his day in New York City on Good Morning America and The View instead of in Springfield, Illinois trying to get himself not fired?

    Or should it be that he supposedly considered Oprah Winfrey as a replacement for Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate but ultimately decided that she would be too gimmicky?

    Is it that he keeps pleading his case to a bunch of media talking heads but refuses to actually respond to any questions about his case?

    Or is it that… that… that… I don't know! Just just so much here! My brain is in satire overload.

    I feel so impotent.

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