• LiveBlagojevich!!! – The Rod Blagojevich Comedy Hour (and a Half)

    6:00 – And he's outta there!

    5:58 – 59.7 to 0. Unanimous again. That guy is not popular in his state.

    5:56 – Sen. James Meeks voted absolutely instead of yes. That might count for 1.7 yeses.

    5:54 – Now they're voting on that. All yeses so far.

    5:51 – The final tally is 59 to 0. It's now officially official. He's been convicted of impeachment. And they're motioning to keep him from ever holding office in Illinois again.

    5:43 – It unanimous. The entirety of present Illinois state senators has voted to fire Governor Rod Blagojevich.

    5:42 – They have the votes. He's out of there.

    5:40 – They're finally voting. 35 senators have voted so far, and not a single one of them has voted in Blagojevich's favor.


    4:05 – I'm giving up on following each one of these guys' remarks. I'll be back when something interesting happens.

    4:04 – This guy is currently in Obama's old state senate seat. How often do you think he tells people that at parties?

    4:01 – Kwame Raoul (Dem). Does everybody get to speak? Or do you have to request an opportunity to speak to the choir?

    3:59 – Tim Bivens (Rep) — who looks different since his days in Bell Biv Devoe — is up now. Guess what. He's not on Blagojevich's side. Crazy, huh?

    3:57 – Dan Cronin (Rep) is up now. They're not even saying anything anymore. It's just a pile-on.

    3:54 – Soon-to-be-Governor Patrick Quinn is, even now, waiting in the wings

    The Bible is ready. The oath has been prepared. The lieutenant governor and his family are on their way to Springfield. And the current governor's belongings are boxed up and waiting to be picked up at the Executive Mansion…

    If the Illinois Senate votes to remove Blagojevich from office, [Lt. Gov. Patrick] Quinn will immediately head with his mother, sons and supporters to the state House chamber and place his hand on a Bible while his longtime friend, Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, will administer an oath of office prepared by Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

    Shouldn't be too long now.

    3:51 – Hey, shut the fuck up! William Delgado (Dem) is fuckin' talkin' over hee-yah!

    3:49 – Jesus! Lauzen has obviously discovered some online quotation databases.

    3:48 – It's weird to think that if this were five years ago, Barack Obama would be in that room. Which, of course, would create a time paradox since this whole thing started with Obama's U.S. Senate seat being sold.

    3:46 – Lots of shout outs from Chris Lauzen (Rep). I guess this is the one time the country cares what he says.

    3:43 – Here's rookie senator Dan Duffy (Rep). He's only been in session for a month. He wasn't even around for any of this stuff and he's dumping all over Blagojevich. Is anybody going to say anything good about the governor?

    3:42 – "Bleeping golden"? I didn't know he said that. I thought he just said "fucking golden." Man, this is bad.

    3:39 – This, I think, is Matt Murphy (Rep) complimenting Blagojevich on his lying prowess.

    3:38 – Dillard went over his time limit. I think that means that all his remarks must be ignored.

    3:32 – Kirk Dillard (Rep) is up now. He's talking about Paul Simon and Adlai Stevenson. (I think he means Art Garfunkel. It's an easy mistake.)

    3:30 – Good ol' Tony Rezko. Why did I not guess that his name would make an appearance?

    3:29 – Sen. Dale Righter (Rep) is up now. "We heard a spellbinding performance today on the floor of this senate." Ah, he's just trying to get a pull-quote on the poster.

    3:24 – So, Haine is obviously not on Rod Blagojevich's side. The phrase "arrogant assumption of power" is what tipped me off.

    3:23 – Uh oh. Looks like there's gonna be more talking. Senator William Haine (Dem) is speaking now, but not saying anything.

    3:22 – Stuff is happening! Legal stuff! I'm confused.

    3:20 – And we're back.


    2:18 – What's this? Another hour-long caucus?! These people do not know how to put on a show.

    2:17 – Being governor of Illinois isn't a Constitutional right? Well, there goes my case. I guess I'll never be governor now.

    2:14 – Look at this guy. He's reading from notes that were planned out in advance and aren't being beamed into his brain by some satellite in the sky. He just doesn't get it.

    2:12 – This guy surely is no Rod Blagojevich. I can understand pretty much everything he's saying. How's this supposed to entertain me?

    2:09 – Senator Whatshisname is giving his closing arguments now. Watch it live.


    12:54 – Well, the senate is going to go caucus with itself. I suppose I should caucus with myself as well.

    We'll catch up on this a little later on today.

    12:53 – He's gone. Just like that. Out of our lives.

    My god, what have we done? What… have… we… done?

    12:52 – What?! That's it?!

    12:50 – It's painful to drive in a car and see a person who probably voted for you and think to yourself that you didn't do anything wrong and know that these are difficult times and about a documentary you watched last night about giant sea turtles and a commercial that came on.

    12:49 – From the comments: "So, when does he start screaming "You're out of order, This whole court is out of order!" etc…" – rheimbro

    12:46 – We have another 45 minutes of this rambling nonsense. He's not even using notes. He's just vomiting 90 minutes worth of bullshit onto the senate floor.

    This is amazing!

    12:45 – Think about the dangerous precedent that would be set if a governor were impeached solely for trying to give people flu shots and caring about things and stuff.

    12:44 – Oh, I thought the subway train was gonna take that working mom to a place where they beat you or something. And then she could go home and eat a brick. Made of poison.

    12:42 – "I hope he just breaks into some kind of fifties dance moves in a minute." – Darcy S.

    I think that might actually happen.

    12:40 – At the end of this elaborate performance, the senators might actually be sufficiently confused and mesmerized to not fire him. Hell, they might actually vote in favor of candy rocketship goats. Who knows?

    12:39 – His dad was a refugee from a communist country? And his mom passed out tickets? How can they possibly still consider firing a guy with parents like that?

    12:36 – Darcy makes a good point. He's like a crazy, cheating boyfriend saying "Baby, I love you. I never did anything to hurt you. It's not like you think it is." When you both know that it's exactly like you think it is.

    12:35 – Yeah, they've had some ups and downs. An "up" was like when they did those public works programs in place. And a "down" might have been when he attempted to sell a U.S. senate seat for his own personal gain. You have to weigh those things against one another.

    12:33 – I can't keep up with the crazy.

    12:29 – Political scientists will spend decades studying this speech, trying to decode it for secret gnostic messages. Like the last words of Dutch Schultz.

    12:27 – Yeah, let's impeach John McCain, Ted Kennedy, Rahm Emanuel and everyone who ever was vaguely in favor of flu vaccinations! (This is gonna win him so points in D.C.)

    12:26 – From a friend: "How can you throw a governor out of office who only knows senators named John?" – Dave B.

    12:20 – This is horrible! They're impeaching this guy solely because he tried to save elderly people and infants from getting the flu! That's the only reason. His only sin is caring too much. How can you throw a governor out of office for caring too much?

    12:19 – From the comments: "Can we bet the famous people he cites to? I'd like a trifecta box of Tennison, Ghandi, and Judy Blume." – Cube

    Good idea. I'll take Thomas Jefferson, James Joyce and Beyonce.

    12:17 – He shouldn't be fired because once he got coffee for John McCain or Elizabeth Taylor or someone. It's almost impossible to keep up with him.

    12:14 – If you're following along online, I'd suggest watching MSNBC's feed. Just realized CNN was running about a half-minute late. Do you have any idea how much crazy I missed in that 30 seconds?

    12:10 – A friend just sent me this: "I wish he was wearing a coat full of puppies." – Cheryl C.

    12:09 – Okay, we get the point. He wanted the chance to present witnesses. Is that what he's going to keeping saying for 90 minutes?

    12:08 – He wanted to bring in witnesses like Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid, Benjamin Franklin, Lord Vishnu and Dick Tracy. People who could have cleared his name. What's wrong with that?

    12:06 – I never thought I'd ever be this excited to see a governor start talking.

    12:04 – Everyone just shut up. Senate is back in session. Blagojevich should be walking onto the floor any moment now.

    11:45 – "The people of this state deserve so much more… (long thoughtful pause)… The governor should be removed from office… (general silence)."

    Wow. That was like something out of a movie.


    Never let it never be said that the Illinois senate has never done anything for you.

    Today — this very afternoon at 12pm (EST) — they will be giving their governor, Rod Balgojevich, 90 minutes of public time in which to tell lonesome cowboy stories, recite Irish poetry, explain String Theory, compile random consonants and vowels into some kind of alien-sounding tongue, whatever.


    Can you believe it!? An hour and a half to do whatever he wants!

    We'll be liveblogging it (because, how can we not) and we'll get the video embedded here and/or send you to where you can watch it at your work desk.

    This is gonna be awesome!

    Update: CSPAN already has a live feed up from the senate floor in Springfield. Not incredibly exciting stuff so far, but it's like a rollercoaster slowly climbing up the rail. A crazy rollercoaster.

    Update 2: If you prefer, here's a link to CNN's live coverage, which is a little cleaner, but you may need to download a flash update.

    Blagojevich won't be speaking for another 40 minutes or so, but it's already incredibly entertaining. They're catching you up on everything the governor has done to get himself into this situation.

    Update 3: Here's it is again, embedded on Indecision (via MSNBC), if you prefer that for some reason. We'll start liveblogging at when the governor begins speaking at around noon.

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