• Wouldn't Electing a Mayor with a Name Like "Weiner" Just Make Things Too Easy?

    If you're a New Yorker, then you're probably super-excited to find out which Democratic candidate you won't be voting for in the mayoral election/Bloomberg coronation this fall…

    The Daily News performed a hilarious survey to see whether a hundred people in downtown Brooklyn know who City Comptroller William Thompson and Representative Anthony Weiner — the two Democrats likely to battle it out for the 2009 mayoral nomination — are. Armed with photographs of the two men, reporters asked folks if they could identify the subjects.

    The findings? Answers like "They look familiar. I've seen them, but I can't remember their names." Apparently 20 recognized City Comptroller Thompson while "29 [were] able to identify" Rep. Weiner…

    The best part of the article comes from the comments…

    Anthony Weiner's Campaign Slogan: Weiner: He's the Guy Who Looks Like That Gay Governor from New Jersey!

    Well, that's why McGreevey got voted in, isn't it? Doesn't he look the most like that gay governor from New Jersey out of everybody?

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