• Senate Still Chewing the Fat Over Stimulus "Pork"

    Yesterday your Senators vowed to work through the night on this stimulus bill, so they could put it to a vote once and for all, despite the Republicans' ongoing complaints about spending. No rest! No pee breaks! No sleep till… okay, actually, they knocked off around 8:30.

    Eh, what can you do. Nobody wants to miss 30 Rock.

    So the debate will continue today, maybe even through the weekend if a 2-for-1 margarita special cuts this evening's work short, and now here's Cool Hand Barack No Drama Obama blowing his lid at a Democratic gathering in Virginia last night…

    One by one, he rejected arguments from GOP critics.

    He said tax cuts alone as a way to stimulate the economy are "a losing formula." He defended how quickly the bill is moving through Congress and belittled those who call the measure simply a spending bill: "What do you think a stimulus is? That's the whole point!"

    Well, no, the point is also being able to go back to your district and brag that you took a meaningless Alamo-style stand against the terrible liberals in Congress, like literally throwing yourself in front of their $900 billion bus full of atheist tracts and modern dance troupes and arugula, because otherwise they would get drunk with power and feel like they have some kind of RIGHT to spend taxpayer dollars on "infrastructure" which is really "pork" and therefore un-American unless it involves the defense department somehow.

    And by that measure the GOP's doing a heckuva job, so lay off.

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