• David Plouffe Speaks Off the Record at National Press Club, Possibly on the Record Alone in His Bathroom

    For future reference, if you ever find yourself being the wunderkind strategist of the most inspiring, historic and transparent U.S. president of a generation and then you agree to speaking at the National Press Club, you might want to consider not banning the National Press from watching you speak that their Club.

    It just kinda sorta makes you look like a tool…

    Plouffe was listed as the keynote speaker at the luncheon yesterday for "Transition 2009," sponsored by Georgetown University and Politico. The public was invited to the event — students free of charge and everybody else for a fee. But at the last minute, Georgetown announced that Plouffe's speech would be "closed press," even though the speech was being given in the National Press Club ballroom, described on a plaque at the door as "the sanctum sanctorum of American journalists."

    National Press Club President Donna Leinwand fired off an e-mail to Plouffe and his agents stating her "strong opposition" to the press banishment from its own club. "If Mr. Plouffe wants to keep secrets," she said, "Mr. Plouffe should stay at home."

    The Washington Post's Dana Milbank (definitely the ugliest female reporter I've seen in a while) was having none of it…

    For what it's worth, the National Press Club comes off looking just as douchey.

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