• Judd Gregg Humiliates President Obama With His Shifty Quitting

    Yesterday afternoon New Hampshire Republican Judd Gregg abruptly announced his withdrawal from consideration as President Obama's Commerce Secretary, dropping the bomb moments before Obama was set to give a stimulus-stumping speech in Illinois.

    Who knew a plainspoken, taciturn, thrifty Yankee could be so underminery?

    Gregg cited "irresolvable conflicts," stemming largely from his conservative fiscal concerns with the economic stimulus package, now in conference committee, which Gregg did not vote on.

    [...] "You can't have a blocking back who only pulls out for every second or third play," Gregg said.

    Not sure I'm familiar with that quaint New England aphorism, but I get his drift. Well, hey, Gregg didn't care much for Commerce in the first place.

    He probably didn't even want the nomination…

    White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday Gregg had initiated discussions over the position.

    So if I read this correctly, Gregg jockeyed for a job at a department he once voted to abolish, missed the news that there's a massive stimulus bill in the works, realized at the last minute that leading the "Commerce" department might involve interactions with "spending," and decided that quitting entirely was better than trying to work through differences with a Democratic administration.

    There's only one word for a guy who pulls something like that.


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