• Lack of Shark Attacks Responsible for Poor Economy, Expert Might as Well Have Suggested

    Have you noticed that if you stick three economic experts in a room, they'll come up with 7.43 opinions about how to stimulate the economy? Wanna know what that happens? Because you can make numbers say pretty much anything you want them to say.

    Case in point

    Sharks attacked 59 people in 2008, the lowest number of attacks since 57 in 2003, according to George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File, part of the Florida Museum of Natural History on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville. There were 71 attacks in 2007.

    "One can't help but think that the downturn in the economy played a part in it," Burgess said.

    Absolutely. One can't possibly help but believe that the recession is affecting shark attacks worldwide. Especially if one is a director of the International Shark Attack File and has a vested interest in not helping but thinking that just about anything might play a part in shark attacks worldwide.

    And, seriously, 11 attacks?! Out of every incidence of a person stepping into any ocean or water mass across the world during the entire year of 2008?! There's no possible way that 11 data points out of multi-millions is any type of statistical noise.

    "To have a shark attack, you have to have humans and sharks in the water at the same time," Burgess said. "If you have a reduction in the number of people in the water, you're going to have a reduction in the opportunities for people and sharks to get together."

    Flawless logic. Absolutely flawless. In the same way that the more people you have who walk into a city, the higher the number of homicides will be. Which is why Philadelphia currently has so many more killings than Detroit.

    There is always a 100 percent effective direct correlation between any two numbers that sound like they should fit together. Correlation always equals causation! Bet on it!

    I just think you should keep all that in mind when you watch all the politicians presenting equally unflawed logic on the talk shows this weekend.

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