• Norm Coleman Refuses to Release Fingers from Al Franken's Throat as Both Slip Beneath the Icy Waves of Defeat

    It's now been about four months since Election Day, and Minnesota is scarcely a tad closer to actually having their Constitutionally mandated two functioning representatives in the U.S. Senate…

    Democrat Al Franken holds a 225-vote lead that hasn't budged since the end of the formal recount and the start of the legal battles over the Minnesota Senate seat… Republican Norm Coleman has lost a series of court rulings where he has sought to expand the number of previously rejected absentee ballots that will be ultimately counted — his only real shot at making up the gap…

    Coleman’s window for pulling off a victory looks like it's closing by the day. But it won’t be entirely shut until all of the legal options are exhausted, and there's evidence that Coleman’s legal team is already preparing for state and federal appeals.

    For what it's worth, I think Coleman is doing a brilliant job of keeping himself afloat in a contest that he's almost certainly going to lose.

    And he only has to keep it going for another five years or so, and he'll have sucessfully managed to defeat Franken's senatorial bid.

    In a way.

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