• Fat Partisan Left-Wing Guy Offended at Comparison to Fat Partisan Right-Wing Guy

    Michael Moore may be a big, fat, loud-mouthed, hot-air-blowing, fact-check-deficient, hyper-partisan, opportunistic albatross around his party's neck… But, hey, he ain't no Rush Limbaugh

    [S]ome commentators (Richard Wolffe of Newsweek, Chuck Todd of NBC News, etc.) have likened this to "what Republicans tried to do to the Democrats with Michael Moore." Perhaps. But there is one central difference: What I have believed in, and what I have stood for in these past eight years — an end to the war, establishing universal health care, closing Guantanamo and banning torture, making the rich pay more taxes and aggressively going after the corporate chiefs on Wall Street — these are all things which the majority of Americans believe in too.

    That's why in November the majority voted for the guy I voted for. The majority of Americans rejected the ideology of Rush and embraced the same issues I have raised consistently in my movies and books.

    How did this happen? Considering how, for the past eight years, the Republican machine thought they could somehow smear and damage the Democrats if they said it was "the party of Michael Moore," it appears that the American public heard them loud and clear and decided that, 'hey, if you say Michael Moore is connected to the Democrats, then the Democrats must be OK!'

    Actually, that's exactly how everyone I know in New York City voted. We all got together in one of our gay coffee shop massage parlors and, after praying to the cold and empty void of the universe, we tried to figure out which candidate Michael Moore would vote for. Now, granted, that was hard. Because, as I'm sure you know, Moore's politics veer all over the place from populist liberalism to socialist Democratism.

    But, then, once we decided that, 'hey, if you say Michael Moore is connected to [whichever candidate], then [whichever candidate] must be OK!'

    And that's totally different from the way Republicans vote. Totally!

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