• White House Budget Director Prefers One Gross-Tasting Soda to Other Gross-Tasting Soda

    I find this revelation from Peter Orszag, Director of the Office of Management and Budget — obtained during a session of the Senate Finance Committee yesterday — deeply disturbing

    Sen. TOM CARPER, D-Del.: We do — we need to find out what you're drinking. And…


    ORSZAG: I will — I hope this isn't product placement, but this is Diet Coke. Apparently there's a big controversy that has broken out between Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke and what members of the administration drink what, but that's Diet Coke.

    CARPER: Do you go back and forth or are you just a straight Diet Coke…

    ORSZAG: No, I'm a Diet Coke guy.


    CARPER: All right. All right. I'm glad we got that on the record.

    Diet Coke tastes like ass. No, I take that back. It tastes like diet ass.

    And we're trusting the nation's budget to a guy who vouches for the taste of diet ass while under oath in congressional hearings.

    No wonder the economy's going to shit.

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