• Women of Politics Comic Book Series to Take World by Storm

    I know that you're dying to find out exactly how the mild mannered Sarah Palin ended up getting bitten by the radioactive pit bull that turned her into Governor Maverick. I just know it

    In a new series designed to examine influential women who are "making and shaping modern history," Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are the first political power players immortalized in the comic book production house's new Female Force series. The read follows the life of the two Washington femme fatales — in graphic novel form, of course…

    "These are very strong independent women that people want to know more about, and what better to teach younger kids about these role models than through comic books," says Bluewater Productions Vice President Jason Shultz.

    Apparently, before writing the Palin issue, the creators of Female Force did even more research into the Alaska governor's life than John McCain's campaign team did.

    And that's some!

    First lady Michelle Obama and Caroline Kennedy are the upcoming women to be featured in the series. The covers depict Michelle Obama sporting a sleeveless number amidst a White House backdrop…

    Unfortunately, the Caroline Kennedy issue is almost certain to be pulled from production at the last moment and replaced by an obscure one you've never heard of and almost certainly would not have paid for if given the choice.

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