• New York Times Hires Actual Smart Guy to Replace Bill Kristol

    38787006mtp2_20010713_02135.jpgCall me crazy, but I think the New York Times has taken a giant step forward by replacing a guy who once predicted the Terri Schaivo fiasco would be a "revolution," for right-to-lifers, declared that "the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been won decisively and honorably" and promised us that "Hockey Mom knows best," with a guy who hasn't said any of those things.

    Ross Douthat, 29, a senior editor and conservative blogger for The Atlantic magazine, has been hired by The New York Times to write a regular column online and then fill the weekly Op-ed slot occupied by William Kristol during 2008.

    A New York Times spokeswoman confirmed the hiring to E&P this afternoon. Andrew Rosenthal, editor page editor, asked by E&P's Joe Strupp why Douthat had been picked, cited his youth, Republican politics, "iconoclast" leanings and intelligence.

    I'm thrilled that Douthat will finally get the chance that youth, Republican politics, "iconoclast leanings" and intelligence really do go together like chocolate, shredded cod, rama-lama-lama and cray-pas.

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