• Arlen Specter Unwilling to Jump from Sinking Ship

    There's been a lot of talk recently about liberals trying to Jedi-mind-trick Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter — the least Republicany republican in Republicanville — into jumping ship and joining the Democrats' glorious march toward its mythological filibuster-proof 60-seat-majority before he gets crushed in the primaries next year.

    Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell — a Philadelphia Eagles fan who stuck with Hillary Clinton pretty much right till the DNC — is obviously a big fan of lost causes

    Ed Rendell told RNN-TV, a regional cable news channel in the Northeast, that he has in fact tried to talk GOP Senator Arlen Specter into switching to the Democrats — oh, and so have some other important people, who Rendell probably shouldn't have mentioned.

    "We've tried," said Rendell. "Myself, Senator Casey, Vice President Biden have tried to talk him into it, but he's bound and determined to stay a Republican."

    I know just how Governor Rendell feels watching someone just pretty much committing suicide before your eyes. I saw Requium for a Dream that one time.

    The worst part will be watching Specter go ass-to-ass with his GOP challenger during the primaries. But if you drink enough, that image will eventually get burnt from your brain.

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