• Barack Obama and Franklin Roosevelt: Battling the Economy and Giant Monsters

    Our old friend G. Xavier Robillard explains why such a big deal is being made of Obama's first 100 days

    [A]t the time of our country's founding, back in 1776, years were much shorter — twenty-five days to be exact — so an entire four-year presidential term lasted 100 days. It's also important because President Franklin D. Roosevelt set the gold standard for action within the first 100 days of office.

    Within three months of being swarn in, FDR pulled America out of the Great Depression, prevented Hitler from invading Poland, personally coached Jessie Owens to win the Olympic gold and tilted over the Great Lakes to irrigate the Dust Bowl that was causing such food shortages across America.

    But all of these feats are nothing compared to his battle with King Kong.

    If that's true, then I guess what Obama would have to do to measure up is have some kind of heroic battle against a gigantic animal beast.

    But hasn't he already done that?

    (By the way, you can hear Mr. Robillard talking with Cube on the internet radio show Unusable Signal. Oh, and you can buy his book, Captain Freedom – A Superhero's Quest for Truth, Justice and the Celebrity He So Richly Deserves, here.)

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