• Grandparents to Pilot Flying Deathbots

    Forget playing Soduku at the Golden Corral, Grandad.

    The Pentagon has come to depend on heavily-armed, remote-piloted planes to such an extent that they are running short of pilots and are seeking retirees to control the drones, claims The New York Times.

    The Predator drones keep personnel out of harms way, are relatively inexpensive, and have proved lethal in the fight against Al Qaeda, especially in the remote, mountainous regions of Pakistan.

    Controlled from trailers and bunkers half a world away, the drones introduce a video game-like environment to combat operations. The reliance on the drones means that there is a need for experienced pilots, and oldsters are part of the solution.

    A future where our expanding elderly class pilot and control death-dealing robots is possibly preferable to a future where the crash of Social Security means senior citizens are turned into Soylent Green scones and biscotti.

    Make sure to call Na-na on her birthday. The future is The Golden Girls meets The Matrix.

    (photo via NYT)

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