• Tucker Carlson Mad About Jon Stewart, Loss of Attention

    If brilliantly hilarious transparent attempts at relevancy was ice cream, Tucker Carlson's attack on Jon Stewart from yesterday's Reliable Sources would be Triple Chocolate Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Diamonds and Extra Million Dollar Bills.

    Here's just one small spoonful…

    CARLSON: No, I think Jon Stewart is dishonest. And by the way, I also think he's a sacred cow. There's nobody who has the huevos to attacks Jon Stewart because he's too popular. The press sucks up to him like I've never seen — it's like Oprah. Jon Stewart, all the kids watch Jon Stewart. He's brilliant. I would like to see somebody have the stones to come out and say, Jon Stewart's kind of a pompous jerk, actually.

    ZURAWIK: But he's not. That's why people aren't saying it.

    CARLSON: But he is!

    Here's the full transcript. But be careful. Too much will make your brain morbidly obese.

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