• Jim Cramer Attacking Jon Stewart Again From a Safe Distance

    Remember that kid in grammer school who would just constantly mumble a stream of shit about how tough he was and how he'd kick anybody's ass who looked at him wrong until finally one of the bigger kids would get sick of hearing it and beat him down just to shut him up?

    And then the kid would apologize and cry so that everybody felt so sorry for him that they couldn't beat him up without feeling like a dick. But then as soon as they turned away, he'd start mumbling a stream of shit all over again?

    I think Jim Cramer was that kid

    Appearing on one of CNBC's sister-networks and friendly media platform NBC, Cramer told Today Show host Meredith Vieira Thursday morning that Stewart was "naive and misleading" for laying so much of the blame of the financial crisis on poor reporting by financial reporters at CNBC.

    Noted Vieira of the interview, "He was very tough on you. He was very tough on CNBC. He basically said that you guys had been cheerleaders for the financial bubble, that you had also allowed CEOs to come on the shows and essentially lie to the American public without really challenging them… Did he have a point?"

    "I don't think so. I think it was naive and misleading to attack the media," Cramer responded. "CNBC, in particular, has been out front on this."

    Just ignore him. Pretend you can't hear him and walk away. Believe me, being dismissed always hurt me worse than the beatings.

    I mean, hurt him. Hurt the kid. That's what I meant.

    (In case you're one of the four people who hasn't seen Jim Cramer on The Daily Show last week, here y'are.)

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