• AIG? What's an AIG? I Don't Even Know What You're Talking About.

    Washington won't have AIG to kick around anymore.

    So, it'll have to start kicking around AIU instead

    While it remains to be seen whether the move will distance the insurer from its many scandals, AIG will now be called AIU Holdings Ltd.

    Over the weekend, workmen removed the sign from the company's Water Street offices; it has yet to install the sign carrying its new name.

    Isn't that cool how all you have to do is change one letter in your your name and all of a sudden, you're a completely different entity?

    It's truly amazing. Every single little bit of my anger at those self-serving assholes has suddenly melted away. I'm not even a little bit infuriated anymore. It musta been that G. That G must have been the problem all along.

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